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Welcome to the Heroine’s Outfittery

Elisabeth on a path in the forest

Omnia mea mecum porto. Everything I am,  I carry with me.

The Heroine’s Outfittery

Equipping the sensible, courageous and outrageous Heroine

Equipping the sensible, courageous and outrageous Heroine for her soul’s Journey.

And what is it the Heroine-to-be really needs to have when she ventures out on her Journey?

Well, here is my answer:

She needs to be in full possession of herself.  

The Heroine’s Outfittery is here to equip her with the soul food, the company and the techniques of the Self she needs to come into her full powers.

Because the Journey of the Heroine is a solo adventure.

Everything she needs she has to carry with her.

Everything she is she brings to the adventure.

The Heroine needs

  • her wits about her
  • she needs to be able to understand her challenges
  • she wants to be in possession of a map of the journey
  • she needs to discern when to push forward and when to tend her sheep
  • she needs to recognise her treasure when she finds it
  • she needs to navigate the challenges of the journey
  • she needs to safely cross the thresholds into the other world and back again
  • she needs to hold on to what she’s got

The Heroines Outfittery is here to equip the sensible, courageous and outrageous heroine with the tools she needs to be in the fullest possible possession of her own powers.

The Heroine needs to be her own woman

So here is the equipment we now offer:

The Heroine’s Journal

A Heroine’s method to keep track of your adventures, nourish yourself and access your personal wisdom. Practice compassionate witnessing of your Heroine’s soul through journalling.

The Heroine’s Kitchen Table

Using fairytales as templates, talk things true with other Heroines. Learn how stories work, gather and share wisdom, find a community to prepare the soulfood for your Journey.

Mapping the Heroine’s Journey

Use myths and fairytales to deeply understand the hidden roadmaps, challenges and storylines of the Heroine’s Quest…


Compassionately understand how your unique & precious soul is experiencing the Heroine’s Journey.

Book any of the tools below …

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