Elisabeth is a deep soul and wise teacher who helps us find our way on the heroine’s path.
She generously shares her deep insights with kindness, humor, and amazing intellect.

Sandra Logan

Elisabeth is an inspiration: to writers and want-to-but-can’t-possibly-be writers alike…

She smiles like she’s savvy to a secret, while she gently, skillfully  penetrates the walls we erect against finding the one thing we imagine we lack… our voices!
By starting a dialogue that draws our inherent wisdom forward, she coaxes and encourages until we discover the self same secret for ourselves…
What’s the secret?  
The sudden realisation that we have sufficient agency and ability!  It’s been there, in the basement persistently ringing a bell to get our attention.  Once we dare to venture down we find her waiting for us, to turn the light on and invite her – the writer in us – to walk back through the open door, to become the companion we have been seeking all along.”

What I learn and practice around Elisabeth’s Kitchen Table Talks is to respect and honor the truth in stories, in the journey of the heroine, in my own life experience and in the wondering and insights.


Elisabeth is the most knowledgeable person I know regarding literature. I could sit at her feet and listen weekly and I often do !!


Elisabeth is awesome! Curious, courageous, incisive, kind, and strong.


Elisabeth is down to earth, compassionate and nurturing in a wholesome way (not the smothering kind). She is the type of person you want to spend time with.


Elisabeth is fiercely generous in her love of stories and holding space for them, noticing threads, always ready to dig a little deeper.  Elisabeth is compassionately tender in her storytelling, and story teaching with paper, pen and exquisite pictures.

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