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Deep Talks

Such a deep talk about the Demeter / Kore myth as told by Maureen Murdock in her lovely book: The Heroine’s Journey, Shambala Press 1990.

Here are some of my takeaways:

  • The story is not over when the the terrible deed has happened.
  • The betrayal, the violence are not the end of the story
  • The power of Demeter is such that she commands her temple to be built in Eleusis, amidst all her grief.
  • Persephone resurfaces a true Heroine, for she is now capable of moving between the worlds, a true divine sister to Hecate.

A psychoanalyst at one of my Fairytables in the Rehab clinic where I used to work in Creative Resilience told us once: ‘There is no growth without betrayal.’
I have been thinking about this wisdom ever since.
Thank you for a deep and inspiring talk about an eternal myth!

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