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An epiphany

This day last year I sat on the balcony in the company of my beloved, and already quite weak, cat and had one of the more remarkable epiphanies of my life, aided by Steven Pressfield’s: The Artist’s Journey.

It’s right there in his book, and this is how I understood it then:

You are an artist if you have the capacity, or feel the need, really, to travel between what Pressfield calls the level #1 of our material life here, to level #2, which is “the plane of the as-yet-unmanifested, the sphere of pure potentiality.” And bring back your treasures.

He presents his insight in a rather mundane way much like a job description for an artist, but I understood it as profoundly liberating and very deeply explanatory:

Liberating, because it meant to me that, yes, I was an artist, as this job description of being a traveller between the two levels of living was fitting for me. I realized that this was how I always had done things, in academia, outside academia, in Creative Resilience work, in quality development, in every way.

Gallery Behind the Scenes

This Journey had been my way of living all the time. And to know what it is that you do and how you do it is to know how you interact with your inner and your outer world. It defines you to no small degree. It’s just nice to get acquainted to yourself, after all these years. It feels liberating.

And deeply explanatory, too, because it rather dramatically threw a light on why I had tended to feel alienated amongst some of my peers and friends and relatives: they simply didn’t travel between levels #1 and 2. It was, as it were, not in their job description…

Which, of course, not only takes away a lot of the stress, but also frees you up to go find some like-minded company. Which I consequently did.

Rather an ugly duckling story here, come to think of it.

About Elisabeth and the Heroine’s Outfittery

It is the mission of The Heroines Outfittery to serve and equip the sensible, courageous and outrageous Heroine with the soul food and techniques of the Self she needs for her soul’s journey.

The Heroines Outfittery also serves to equip her founder with joy, inspiration, meaningful work as a provider of soul food for heroines-to-be and an individually designed livelihood that suits her present life and mindset.

Elisabeth has done quite a few things in her life and has been around the block more than once.

In her travels during the first 20 or so years of her adult life, she journeyed around the world, mostly with her archaeologist husband, but also on International Conferences in her first two fields of academic interest: linguistic analysis of conversations and Women’s Worlds.

Backpacking, she visited many Islands in Indonesia, mounted an expedition in New Guinea, travelled the south of India, went to many countries of the Middle East, travelled through the USA and Central America, and saw very many European countries. On those self-organised journeys, equipped with everything she could carry herself, she has found her way through deserts and rainforests, crossing mountains, rivers, and borders in adventures that nourish her mind and soul to this day.

For many years Elisabeth has been training, educating and accompanying future primary school teachers. Her academic qualifications include a dissertation on the ways primary school children acquire oral storytelling and a habilitation on the ways primary school children acquire written storytelling.

From working with teachers she has gone on to working with schools and school administrations in quality development and organisational development: Living on a North Sea island for 15 years, she has worked as a quality developer in an institution for people with handicaps, as a counsellor for pastors with the North German Protestant church, she has worked as a part time school secretary in one of the Island’s small primary schools. Also, she travelled to the mainland to visit schools of all sorts as a specialist for school quality development. For more than ten years she has accompanied female cancer patients in one of the Island’s rehab clinics on their healing journeys. For them, she devised courses in creative resilience work, involving mindful writing, storytelling, mandala painting, and talks about the Hero’s Journey in myths and fairy tales.

Two years ago, she moved in with her wife of ten years in the city of Hamburg, Germany.

After some interesting surgery and a few other intriguing developments in her life, including ageing into a post-menopausal life, she decided to integrate and rebrand all her efforts around counselling for quality development, mindful personal writing , the heroine’s journey, accompanying people on their healing journeys and creative resilience work into a new endeavour she calls The Heroines Outfittery.

In designing The Heroines Outfittery, Elisabeth is finding herself on one of the most intriguing, most joyful and most satisfactory journeys of her life.

Deep Talks

Such a deep talk about the Demeter / Kore myth as told by Maureen Murdock in her lovely book: The Heroine’s Journey, Shambala Press 1990.

Here are some of my takeaways:

  • The story is not over when the the terrible deed has happened.
  • The betrayal, the violence are not the end of the story
  • The power of Demeter is such that she commands her temple to be built in Eleusis, amidst all her grief.
  • Persephone resurfaces a true Heroine, for she is now capable of moving between the worlds, a true divine sister to Hecate.

A psychoanalyst at one of my Fairytables in the Rehab clinic where I used to work in Creative Resilience told us once: ‘There is no growth without betrayal.’
I have been thinking about this wisdom ever since.
Thank you for a deep and inspiring talk about an eternal myth!

Elisabeth on a path in the forest

Welcome to the Heroine’s Outfittery

Omnia mea mecum porto. Everything I am,  I carry with me.

The Heroine’s Outfittery

Equipping the sensible, courageous and outrageous Heroine

Equipping the sensible, courageous and outrageous Heroine for her soul’s Journey.

And what is it the Heroine-to-be really needs to have when she ventures out on her Journey?

Well, here is my answer:

She needs to be in full possession of herself.  

The Heroine’s Outfittery is here to equip her with the soul food, the company and the techniques of the Self she needs to come into her full powers.

Because the Journey of the Heroine is a solo adventure.

Everything she needs she has to carry with her.

Everything she is she brings to the adventure.

The Heroine needs

  • her wits about her
  • she needs to be able to understand her challenges
  • she wants to be in possession of a map of the journey
  • she needs to discern when to push forward and when to tend her sheep
  • she needs to recognise her treasure when she finds it
  • she needs to navigate the challenges of the journey
  • she needs to safely cross the thresholds into the other world and back again
  • she needs to hold on to what she’s got

The Heroines Outfittery is here to equip the sensible, courageous and outrageous heroine with the tools she needs to be in the fullest possible possession of her own powers.

The Heroine needs to be her own woman

So here is the equipment we now offer:

The Heroine’s Journal

A Heroine’s method to keep track of your adventures, nourish yourself and access your personal wisdom. Practice compassionate witnessing of your Heroine’s soul through journalling.

The Heroine’s Kitchen Table

Using fairytales as templates, talk things true with other Heroines. Learn how stories work, gather and share wisdom, find a community to prepare the soulfood for your Journey.

Mapping the Heroine’s Journey

Use myths and fairytales to deeply understand the hidden roadmaps, challenges and storylines of the Heroine’s Quest…


Compassionately understand how your unique & precious soul is experiencing the Heroine’s Journey.

Book any of the tools below …