Author: Elisabeth

About Elisabeth and the Heroine’s Outfittery

It is the mission of The Heroines Outfittery to serve and equip the sensible, courageous and outrageous Heroine with the soul food and techniques of the Self she needs for her soul’s journey. Backpacking, she visited many Islands in Indonesia, mounted an expedition in New Guinea, travelled the south of India, went to many countries of the Middle East, travelled through the USA and Central America, and saw very many European countries. On those self-organised journeys, equipped with everything she could carry herself, she has found her way through deserts and rainforests, crossing mountains, rivers, and borders in adventures that nourish her mind and soul to this day. For many years Elisabeth has been training, educating and accompanying future primary school teachers. Her academic qualifications include a dissertation on the ways primary school children acquire oral storytelling and a habilitation on the ways primary school children acquire written storytelling. From working with teachers she has gone on to working with schools and school administrations in quality development and organisational development: Living on a North Sea …

Pathway lined by trees

An epiphany

You are an artist if you have the capacity, or feel the need, really, to travel between what Pressfield calls the level #1 of our material life here, to level #2, which is “the plane of the as-yet-unmanifested, the sphere of pure potentiality.” And bring back your treasures.