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About Elisabeth and the Heroine’s Outfittery

It is the mission of The Heroines Outfittery to serve and equip the sensible, courageous and outrageous Heroine with the soul food and techniques of the Self she needs for her soul’s journey.

The Heroines Outfittery also serves to equip her founder with joy, inspiration, meaningful work as a provider of soul food for heroines-to-be and an individually designed livelihood that suits her present life and mindset.

Elisabeth has done quite a few things in her life and has been around the block more than once.

In her travels during the first 20 or so years of her adult life, she journeyed around the world, mostly with her archaeologist husband, but also on International Conferences in her first two fields of academic interest: linguistic analysis of conversations and Women’s Worlds.

Backpacking, she visited many Islands in Indonesia, mounted an expedition in New Guinea, travelled the south of India, went to many countries of the Middle East, travelled through the USA and Central America, and saw very many European countries. On those self-organised journeys, equipped with everything she could carry herself, she has found her way through deserts and rainforests, crossing mountains, rivers, and borders in adventures that nourish her mind and soul to this day.

For many years Elisabeth has been training, educating and accompanying future primary school teachers. Her academic qualifications include a dissertation on the ways primary school children acquire oral storytelling and a habilitation on the ways primary school children acquire written storytelling.

From working with teachers she has gone on to working with schools and school administrations in quality development and organisational development: Living on a North Sea island for 15 years, she has worked as a quality developer in an institution for people with handicaps, as a counsellor for pastors with the North German Protestant church, she has worked as a part time school secretary in one of the Island’s small primary schools. Also, she travelled to the mainland to visit schools of all sorts as a specialist for school quality development. For more than ten years she has accompanied female cancer patients in one of the Island’s rehab clinics on their healing journeys. For them, she devised courses in creative resilience work, involving mindful writing, storytelling, mandala painting, and talks about the Hero’s Journey in myths and fairy tales.

Two years ago, she moved in with her wife of ten years in the city of Hamburg, Germany.

After some interesting surgery and a few other intriguing developments in her life, including ageing into a post-menopausal life, she decided to integrate and rebrand all her efforts around counselling for quality development, mindful personal writing , the heroine’s journey, accompanying people on their healing journeys and creative resilience work into a new endeavour she calls The Heroines Outfittery.

In designing The Heroines Outfittery, Elisabeth is finding herself on one of the most intriguing, most joyful and most satisfactory journeys of her life.

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